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e sectors across the◆ ICT

17 BJTBANGKO〓K, Nov. 14 (Xinhua) ■Public and〓 private sectors acr◆oss the ICT indus〓try gathered◆ here in Bangkok to ●talk about● collaboration whi◆le Chinese ●ICT giant Huaw◆ei asks

industry■ gathered h

for○ a better connec■ted world duri○ng the ITU Tele■com World 2016 ■which will last f●rom Monday to■ Friday.In the fo●rum section follo〓wed by a openin◆g ceremony ○on Monday mor●ning,

ere in ■Bangkok to talk

part●icipants expr■essed their opinio◆ns about th■e ICT industry dev〓elopment."Withi○n the ICT industry■, it is the inn●ovative sma■ll and medium enter◆prises tech SMEs● that are ke

rl●d during the ITU● T


◆y to industry disrup◆tion, to job 〓creation, and to■ the technologica●l innovations that ●are taking the i◆ndustry for◆ward, said H

oulin ◆Zhao, secretary-gen●eral of Inter〓national Telecomm○unication ●Union.Prajin Junto〓ng, Thai depu◆ty prime Minister■ and acting mini◆ster of Digita■l Economy and S◆ociety emphasized ■that "ICT 〓is n

elecom World ■2016

ot for those● who can afford 〓it but we must all■ow those who ar■e most in need 〓to benefit from it ●to not be lef●t behind.Besid●es these forum○s, many telecom c〓arriers and ●ICT enterprise■s

  • which wil●l last from Monday〓 to Friday.Ch
  • ina's H■uawei asks f◆or a better c〓onnected world at● ITU Tele
  • co○m World 2016Chi●na's Huawe●i asks for a be●tter connected 〓world at ITU Tel〓ecom World ●20
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